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Joel Bauer
Author, Speaker, Mentor at
"The Property Apprentice reveals proven moves to create, leverage and sustain passive incomepotentially empowering you with the money you require for early retirement, taking care of your family, and doing precisely what inspires you.”
Fabian Lim
Founder and Group CEO,
“The Property Apprentice by Jochen Siepmann is an excellent beginner’s guide to property investing. Jochen literally takes you by the hand and demystifies the principles of property investing using plain non-technical language. He also offers a wealth of simple and profitable strategies you can implement (with little effort) to help transform you into a profitable property investor. A well-written book that is a joy to read and easy to understand. Well done, Jochen!”
Bellum Tan
Founder and CEO of Richdad Asia
"Jochen Siepmann’s writing of this book shows good timing as it teaches relevant knowledge on how one can protect and hedge hard-earned money in the property markets. I like the content of this book because it is practical; the strategies are applicable and easy to understand, both by laymen readers and those who are experienced investors like myself. A must-read."
Rave Reviews of The Property Apprentice
Jochen Siepmann
You will absolutely
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Inside the book
- Get an insider's look at the secrets of successful property investors 
- Obtain passive income that never ends (and get rich slowly) 
- Earn money while you are learning property investments
- Avoid the common mistakes most investors make 
- Buy properties with very little capital investment
Discover the secrets and techniques of successful property investors and use them to secure your very own financial future! 
The Property Apprentice - How To Earn While You Learn
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